Friday, March 16, 2012


Let's create your blogs for use in the class.... here are directions

 *You are making a blog to use for the class. All postings and images used in your blog should be appropriate for use in school AND should follow Academy standards for technology use.

1. Go to and click on the orange button that says "create a blog".
2. Follow the prompts. You should be able to sign in using your WA email address and a password. Write down the password- hang on to it! J
When creating a display name do NOT use your first AND last name (you could use initials or first, last only), and whatever else it asks for. It might ask to send you a text message, then send you a code, and you'll enter the code online. Now you have an account.

3. Name your blog...keep the web address something you'll remember and the name something responsible.
4. Follow the prompt to choose a template you like the look of. You can always change it later if you want by clicking on the design tab.

5. Click the orange button that says start blogging and you will be brought to the page where you write your posts...but first, let's adjust some of the settings...

6. Click on the settings tab up above.
·       Then click on the formatting tab and make sure you have the time set to the eastern time zone. Scroll down to the bottom and click save.
·       Then click on the posts and comments tab, set it up as shown here.... add other class members emails as registered users and enter your email address next to comment notification email. This way you'll be emailed when a post receives a comment. 

Click save.

7. Click on the design tab.
·       On the right side click on add a gadget. A menu will pop up. Scroll down to labels. Click on the blue plus sign and click save.
·       Hint: This is also the tab where colors and fonts live if you want to change them (under template designer).
·       Also, in gadgets, delete the “about me” gadget. Do not put personal info on the blog.

8. Click on the view blog tab to see how it looks. You can play with the look of the blog by clicking on the design tab.

9. In the top right corner you should see “new post”. Click on that and begin writing in the space provided. When answering questions from the class blog, match the post title in your response title.
·       Note: If you want to add a photo there is a button to do in the toolbar above the post. It looks like a little photograph.
·       Note: There IS spellcheck. It's located in the toolbar. Use it!
·       You have a choice when writing to save (for later) or post.

10. If you want to go back and edit posts later can click on new post, then the edit posts tab. A menu of all your posts will appear and you can click on the one you want to edit.


 Send me your email and the password for your site. I reserve the right to remove any inappropriate postings from your site.

* Blogger is changing all the time. It's possible that you won't be able to follow these directions exactly.

If you get stuck, check with Mr. Powers

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